Cyclists Slap Snarky Stickers on Lane-Blocking Cars

06/10/2010 4:33 PM |

Bike lane sticker

According to The Daily Green, a shadowy pro-bike rights organization in NYC has been handing out hundreds of strongly-worded stickers (pictured) for cyclists to slap on the innumerable vehicles that are constantly blocking the city’s bike lanes. As an often-annoyed cyclist, I totally get where they’re coming from, but this is not a good idea.

One of the campaign founders told Daily Green: “Yes, it’s antagonistic, but it’s not an unreasonable antagonism. All [car drivers] know is their wallet. If they have to spend time out of their day taking the sticker off their car, they’re going to have to rethink getting aggressive with bikers.” Except nobody will re-think anything if they’re too busy being made angrier by the disrespectful driving of the one or the vandalism of the other. Biker-driver relations need to get away from this urban warfare mentality, not indulge and aggravate it. So please, next time a car is blocking the bike lane, don’t smack a sticker on its bumper (unless it’s a cop car). (Streetsblog)

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  • I just fold the drivers side-view mirror in, don’t even have to slow down, stopping to protest being inconvenienced doesn’t make sense.

  • 9 tenths of the law maybe property but the last tenth may be the most important. so dangerous to human life to park in the bike lane… not to mention that it is taxing on hospitals and the social safety net if said rider doesn’t have insurance. the 2 minutes of time saving costs tax payers.