Daily News Crushes Post in Battle of the Russian Spy Ring Front Pages

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06/29/2010 11:30 AM |


While the Times focused on the middle-class suburban aspect of the Russian spy ring busted this week, both of our city’s tabloids zero in on Anna Chapman, a 28-year-old Russian national who has been living in Manhattan under her real name for only the past couple years, and who appears separately from most of the “illegals” in the criminal complaint (at one point she’s spotted buying a cell phone in Brooklyn and giving the address “99 Fake Street,” according to the FBI agent who dug the receipt out of the trash).

This makes sense: she’s a hot young Russian chick, and looks totally natural on the cover of our city’s scandal sheets. (The Post designates her a “beauty,” a term usually reserved for murder victims.) I’m going to rule that the Daily News has dug up the more intriguing glamor shot; also their headline, referring to the 1984 film starring Robin Williams as Soviet saxophone player who defects at Bloomingdale’s, is a stroke of obscure genius and more fitting for a spy ring that made its handoffs at Tillie’s and in Fort Greene Park (shit, was I there for that?).