Dept. of Bad Ideas: Jersey Beach May Allow Women to Go Topless

06/28/2010 2:49 PM |

Jersey shore

  • Boob. Boobs.

I’m sorry, but when I read “Jersey beach” and “topless” in the same article, an awful lot of heavily gelled-up, terrible stereotypes just start strutting and preening their way through my mind, gawping at the various topless tropes that are also, uhh, lounging in my mind.

So it went upon reading this Daily News piece about a proposed Asbury Park city council amendment that would allow women to go topless (or “top-free” as activists like to say) on the legendary stretch of Jersey beach where Springsteen used to get sand in his bandanna. To be honest, I have limited experience of the beaches of New Jersey, and I’ve been told that Asbury Park has been undergoing the “gay men with taste buying beautiful old homes” brand of gentrification, which makes this salient quote from local top-free agitator Reggie Flimlin (a woman), a little easier to take:

“Men have better things to do than sit around and gawk at women all day long.”