06/17/2010 11:33 AM |

Pretty in Pink

  • Literary matchmaking doesn’t always work out.

The best relationships I have ever had (lasting friendships, family allegiances, romantic entanglements, random encounters with strangers on trains) have all been based in the heated discussion of books. Seriously, I met my lovely wife while working in a bookstore, her bookstore, and we talked about books for nine hours straight on our first date. So the idea of a literary-inflected matchmaking event sounds (in theory, honey, in theory) really appealing to me, as it should dispense with the horripilating pain of responding to, “Yeah, sure, I liked this one Tom Robbins book I read in freshman year, the one with Uma Thurman in it.”

So if you like books, and you like flirting, you absolutely have to get yourself to the Diamond tonight, in Greenpoint, for bookstore the Word’s Literary Matchmaking Mixer. What’s it all about? I’ll give it to you in their words:

There will be drink specials, all your favorite prom tunes from DJ RUSS COMM, a “worst prom stories” contest plus two authors will join us for the festivities: Erin Bradley, author of Every Rose Has Its Thorn and Virginia Vitzthum, author of My Blind Date Went Blind: And Other True Stories of Dates Gone Wrong.

You’ll also be able to request your favorite prom songs, so get ready to hear “Pretty in Pink” about a hundred times (which is not a bad thing).