Dyker Heights Bucks Trends, Opens a Bookstore

06/08/2010 2:10 PM |

Though Bay Ridge Bookstore recently closed, Tatiana Nicoli opened Boulevard Books on 13th Avenue in Dyker Heights this weekend, only a mile away from that shuttered bookstore, making it the first bookstore in Dyker for, like, ever?

Bay Ridge Books was an old-fashioned bookstore, meaning it sold books. But you can buy books on the Internet for cheaper than they cost in brick and mortar stores—where you have to deal with cockeyed clerks—and have them downloaded to your doo-hickey in seconds. So Boulevard Books promises the immersive experience required to succeed these days: it has “a cafe, reading nook, lounge and garden,” the Brooklyn Paper reports. And a Facebook page with 323 of the Dykeriest fans this side of Frank’s Pizza!

Beyond selling books, Nicoli looks to have authors in for events (next up is Martin Rooney of “Ultimate Warrior Workouts” on June 11), as well as cooking demonstrations, a book club, speed dating nights, and family story time on Saturdays.

“I want it to be a gathering place,” said Nicoli.

Well, of course she does—if it doesn’t become one, like Bay Ridge’s Bookmark Shoppe nee A Novel Idea, it’ll go the way of Bay Ridge Books, and we’ll all go back to playing with our Kindles.

(The Brooklyn Eagle had a much less press release-y story than the Brooklyn Paper‘s that disappeared from their website this morning, though by the time you read this maybe it’ll be back?)

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  • Instead of predicting failure, how about giving us the address so we can go there?

  • You mean, why did I contemplate the context surrounding the opening of a bookstore, vis-a-vis the particular area and the larger economic/cultural climate, rather than reprint a press release? Because this is a culture magazine, not a yellow pages.