East Village Dude Survives in Upstate Swamp By Drinking Swamp Water and Fantasizing About Veselka

06/04/2010 2:56 PM |

car accident

This is an incredible story.

Thomas Wopat-Moreau, 22, left a Fishkill party last Sunday morning in a bit of a huff. He proceeded to get in his BMW and gun it up the totally bendy (awesomely so) Taconic State Parkway, on the way to his mother’s Connecticut home. Somewhere around the tiny town of Gallatin (in southern Columbia County) his car flew off the road and into the wild, nearly 500 feet from the highway. He couldn’t move his legs. There was nobody around. He found himself in a swamp.

Wopat-Moreau proceeded to crawl away from the wreckage in an effort to find help, but he didn’t make it far. So, for the next four days he kept himself going by drinking brackish swamp water as he was slowly gnawed on by bugs. Police finally tracked him down after locating his cell phone signal in relation to a cell-phone tower. When the cops found him he was completely dehydrated and begging for water.

Wopat-Moreau, who lives in the East Village and had been set to start a job at Barclay’s on Tuesday, is recovering in Albany Medical Center.

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  • too bad they weren’t marijuana weeds he landed in. What were they arguing about, that hipster vs rocker thing? Also, Veselka pierogis, yes…