England Defeat Slovenia, Look Good On the Way to the Round of 16

06/23/2010 12:28 PM |

jeremain defoe


Though the 1-0 score was absolutely nerve-wracking for England supporters, they have to be happy with a team that looked much brighter and far more dangerous for most of the game. James Milner was full of questioning crosses in the first half, one of which led to Jermain Defoe’s well taken mark in the 22nd minute (and he could’ve had a couple more, after that). Gerrard and Lampard managed decent, positive games, at the same time, and John Terry and Matthew Upson were solid when needed (and they were, in a couple of dicey moments). Perhaps most importantly, Wayne Rooney finally got his game together: finding space a bit deeper (especially when drifting left), he was engaged and dangerous, coming within a Slovenian fingertip of scoring a goal. That augurs well…

Sure, it was tiny Slovenia, a teenage nation, but England are through, and appear to be coming together at just the right moment. Is Germany up next?

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  • Disagree again Mr. Diamond. Slovenia are a poor team. England are still shoving square pegs into round holes. Th players don’t know where they are playing. They can’t keep the ball. Rooney is misfiring like a 20 year old jalopy and the centre halves are living on pure luck. The Germans (If Schweinsteiger is fit) wil walk out easy winners on Sunday, lets face it their beer is much nicer Mr Capello.

  • @Derek
    Well, you know… Yes, Slovenia are poor team. As were Algeria. England were atrocious agains Algeria, and looked good against Slovenia (you’re right about the middle, though, a couple of prayer-ridden tackles in the box). I disagree about Rooney though… I suppose we’ll see. Germany allowed some thrilling adventures for the Ghanians deep into the box, so at the very least, this next game should entertain.