Evil Socialists to Force 15,000 NYC Teens to Have Job Opportunities

06/04/2010 12:19 PM |

Eugene Debs
  • This is what democracy looks like.

Big Brother is at it again. Our dear Communist overlords in the People’s Republic of Washington have seen fit to jam down our throats a piece of legislation straight from Joe Stalin’s filthy playbook. The 111th Comintern Congress has passed an “American Jobs” bill that will force approximately 15,000 New York City teens to maybe have to get a job. That’s right, if this monstrosity gets through the Moonbat Senate, and is rammed between our quivering lips, past our tentative teeth and into our expectant throats, we here in Gotham will be forced to deal with $23.5 million in Federal aid designated to indoctrinate our youth create jobs.

Good God in Heaven, what has this great nation come to?