Fort Greene Food Co-Op Settles on Clinton Hill Location

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06/16/2010 2:39 PM |

In the two and a half years its been in the planning stages, the Fort Greene Food Co-Op has morphed into the Greene Hill Food Co-Op, and now, after a recent meeting, it appears to have settled on a location, in Clinton Hill, at the long deserted but recently improving triangle where Grand crosses Putnam and then Fulton.

That the Food Co-Op has been (in all likelihood) priced out of the very center of Fort Greene perhaps bodes not entirely well for the neighborhood’s thus-far gentle gentrification. But in aiming for Fort Greene and ending up in Clinton Hill the Co-Op has, like a number of new area businesses and bars, followed in the footsteps of many residents of the neighborhood, who are quite excited at not having to walk as much now. (Commenters upset at having to walk more than five minutes to get anywhere will know how everybody else in Fort Greene-adjacent neighborhoods feels!)

This is a great spot for fresh food: it’s convenient to Prospect Heights if you don’t mind crossing Atlantic Avenue (though the suspension of weekend B69 service is a wrench), and it’s thankfully convenient to the nutritional wasteland of Bed-Stuy too. This is just like when Sweet Revenge opened and distributed postcards that said “You don’t have to drink at home anymore!”, except instead of “drink” it’s “buy produce” and instead of “home” it’s “The Fort Greene Farmer’s Market”.