High Line Getting Possibly the Most Annoying Public Artwork Ever

06/21/2010 2:38 PM |

Bell on HIgh Line

On Wednesday evening, at the 14th Street Passage atop the High Line in West Chelsea (you know, the part with the tunnel and the blue lights), sound artist and musician Stephen Vitiello will introduce his new public artwork for the space, a piece titled A Bell for Every Minute that will play the sound of one bell every minute of every day, with a special chorus of bells on the hour. The bell rings were recorded at various places where bells ring throughout the city (churches, Wall Street, the United Nations Peace Bell, bike bells, um, railroad crossings?), with a nearby sound map indicating where each successive bell was recorded.

The New York-born, Virginia-based artist’s intent, presumably, was to make us think about the accelerated pace of time (and perhaps sound pollution) in the city… but there’s a reason bells are only designed to ring every half hour. That said, the quick tempo of the rings should keep tourists stepping at a more New York type of speed. (ArtDaily)