In Which Mike Conklin Tries, and Fails, to Come Up With a Plan for Day Two of Northside

06/25/2010 2:20 PM |


I just sat down to write my picks for day two of Northside, and I realized that, jeez, there’s far too much going on for me to be able to see even a half the bands I’d like to see. So here’s what we’re gonna do—we’re gonna go through this shit SXSW-style, hour by hour, and then make decisions from there, based on proximity, presumed crowdedness, quality of air-conditioning, cost of drinks and the possibility that I will run into people I do not want to run into. Here goes…

5pm – 7pm : Well, I can’t talk about this just yet. But at some point during these hours, I will be somewhere in Williamsburg watching a band play outside on the street. I’ll tell you about it later. You should definitely come, though.

8 o’clock hour: You’ve got Dream Diary at Cameo for the Kanine/Insound/Wao Wao showcase, which is pretty much stacked all night. And then you’ve also got Netherfriends at Europa, opening for Slow Club, plus Shark? at Public Assembly for the sure-to-be-awesome Pop Tarts Suck Toasted (RIP) showcase. Ooof. And it’s only 8pm.

9 o’clock hour: Fluffy Lumbers at Matchless for the Brooklyn Based showcase, Slow Club at Europa, Moon Duo and Sic Alps at Music Hall for the Woodsist show, Miniboone at Pop Tarts, and Shilpa Ray at the So So Glos curated Shea Stadium show.

10 o’clock hour: Oh boy, Coasting‘s at Matchless, Grooms is at Cameo, Oberhofer‘s at Coco 66, Beige is at Glasslands and Dinosaur Feathers are at the Pop Tarts show.

11 o’clock hour: Eternal Summers at Cameo, Men (featuring JD Samson of Le Tigre) are at the Knit, Woods is at Music Hall, Neighbors (so good, check ’em out) at at Pete’s, The Beets are at Shea, and Heavenly Beat, featuring members of Beach Fossils, are at Union Pool.

Midnight-Late Night: We Are Country Mice close up the Kanine show, Real Estate does the same for the Woodsist show, Darlings and then Dom are both at Pop Tarts, The So So Glos close their own show, and The Brought Low take the stage at Trash.

Sheesh, I’m tired just typing it. See you out there, I hope. And don’t forget to watch out on Twitter for more details about the secret street performances.