Intern Testimonials: Volunteer at Northside and Get a Free Northside Badge

06/02/2010 9:24 AM |

On the one hand, $50 for a Northside badge is a great deal (there’s, like, nearly a million bands playing). On the other hand, $50 can buy a lot of groceries (especially if you dumpster dive), and let’s face it, we all need to eat. So if you’re totally broke, don’t lose heart, you can still be free and easy at the Northside Festival… as a volunteer. All we ask is that you work for two full days from the 24th to the 27th and, you know, not be a jerk.


As an L Magazine intern for the past nine months, take it from me: L Mag staffers are a pleasant, great looking, easy-going bunch [ed. “great looking”!]. They even drink beer in the office on Fridays! Sometimes Tuesdays! And no one really ever knows what’s in Mike Conklin’s coffee mug! Just join us for an orientation or two (details to come) and the process will be totally painless.

And of course we’ll set you up with a free badge for all your troubles. That’ll get you first-come first-serve access to every show, film, and art event we’ve got going (and there are plenty). Plus you’ll be eligible for all the discounts that bars and restaurants will be offering to badge holders.

See? It’s kind of like dumpster diving for good music, and the possibility of food poisoning is substantially lower.

E-mail us if you’re interested (and you totally are) at

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  • I surreptitiously sent a sample of the contents of Conklin’s coffee mug to a lab for analysis. The results? Inconclusive. When he got wind of it, he had a baby and stopped coming into the office.

  • so that’s what you were doing with that eye dropper…