Is the DOT Demolishing Brooklyn History?

06/18/2010 2:22 PM |

A shiny new bus shelter...but at what price?

  • A shiny new bus shelter…but at what price?

A 127-year-old stone marker on Ocean Parkway recently disappeared, leaving motorists and pedestrians at a loss as to how many miles away from the circle at Prospect Park they are. The stone pre-dated the incorporation of Brooklyn into New York City! Suspicions are brewing that the Department of Transportation removed the 127-year-old stone when it built a new bus shelter at the corner where it stood. Either that, or rogue artifact collectors, possibly with deep connections to Nazis, stole it.

It was one of only two that remained on the avenue, and the last surviving marker—which marks the 3 mile point—is in the way of bike path renovations! It could disappear if we don’t call Indiana Jones the sorts of people who have some kind of power. (Elected representatives?)

The repairs have seen the DOT moving south, block by block, tearing up the bike and pedestrian paths from curb to curb. They’re currently only three or four blocks away from Avenue P. The last remaining stone may just be a few months away from becoming history.

“Their preservation has been a catch as catch can affair,” [the guy from Forgotten NY] said. “The DOT junks anything nonstandard they come across. Locusts strip cornfields slower than the DOT strips historic artifacts.”

Sheepshead Bites (not incidentally my new favorite local news blog) has the full story, including some other-borough parallels and fascinating-as-always Brooklyn history. Definitely read it!