Italy Out of World Cup: “Farewell, Cannavaro, Your Career Has Been Terminated.”

06/24/2010 12:01 PM |

Wow. In a bizarre and amazing game, Italy has lost 3-2 to Slovakia to finish last in Group F, joining the likes of a woeful 2002 French team as a World Cup champion getting knocked out of the group stages. Really, wow. Way to go Slovakia. One of the oldest teams in the tournament, Italy never found any kind of form, with the exception of the last 20 minutes of this game. In the words of an almost gleeful BBC commentator, “Farewell, Lippi, farewell, Cannavaro, YOUR CAREER HAS BEEN TERMINATED.”

One Comment

  • These were the same BBC bods who were jumping through hoops after that awful display against Slovenia. Still what do you expect hey ! Italians have only themselves to blame. Did not start to play until the second half. They scored and were back in the game but what the hell went on for that 3rd goal. What was the keeper doing, flapping around. If he stands up it its him in the face. He dosen’t ! It goes in .
    Still they look laboured in qualifying and did not impress in the first two games. A lack of pace in the back four, Buffons injury and a miss firing frontline have all come back to bite them on the ass ! With the shackles off they looked like a team that could have gone far but that old Italian conservatism has done for the Champions this time