Jeff Koons Talks About His Suits, Driving Habits and Drag Racing

06/08/2010 4:14 PM |

In Paris recently to unveil his time machine 2010 BMW Art Car, Jeff Koons gave a couple interviews, the first of which has more to do with the actual car, and how its light proton tube pattern was created. The second interview, after the jump, is a lot longer and more interesting, featuring juicy gossip about how Koons gets free suits, his old job at a drag-racing track, what kind of art he collects, his favorite piece to go see in Paris and how he drives (really carefully). He also addresses all the haters (very diplomatically, of course).

Jeff Koons says: “I like to try to cut down on the time it takes to get somewhere, but I’m a responsible driver… It’s always important to arrive safely.” Also: “In the European tradition, I enjoy wearing suits.”

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