Late-Breaking Abramovic Controversy: Marina Couldn’t See Any of Her Sitters?

06/08/2010 9:58 AM |

Marina Abramovic

Marina Abramovic’s MoMA retrospective and epic endurance performance “The Artist Is Present” ended last week, after so many of her sitters burst into tears that someone started a single-function Tumblr over it, but at the closing party MoMA and PS1 curator Klaus Biesenbach may have revealed just how elaborate Marina’s performance was, claiming that she can’t actually see anything without her glasses, which she never wore during the show. ArtForum reports that

when the tippling Biesenbach took the podium… he used the moment to make public his two-decade-long unrequited love for Abramović. “Look at me, Marina,” he began. “Listen to me, Marina,” he went on. “Why don’t you look at me? You know,” he then said to the guests, tossing aside his prepared remarks, “she can’t see anyone without her glasses,” thereby negating the experience of all those sitters who thought she was paying special attention to them.

That should make more than a few people real mad, as though they’d been duped, but on the other hand the performance title was “The Artist Is Present” not “The Artist Sees You.” (ANIMAL)