Literary Upstart’s Triumphant Return to Williamsburg

06/11/2010 1:36 PM |

critter bonus

After six years spent wandering around Manhattan, our dear little Literary Upstart finally came home to Williamsburg last night, and it was good. Spike Hill was packed, the PBR was cold and the readers were great: thanks to Marissa Fox, Anna Breslaw, Rebecca Schiff, Ryan Britt and last night’s semifinal winner, Deborah Kuan, for their wonderful stories. So now we’re down to the Grand Championship Final at Spike Hill on July 8, 7pm. C U there.

Thanks, as ever, to the New School and Harper Perennial for their swell sponsorship.

(It was said last night, by one of the judges, that the title of Ryan Britt’s story, “Critter Bonus,” evoked a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover band. Well, Chief Spokesjudge Ben Greenman was so excite by this idea, he made a t-shirt, pictured at right.)