Michael Wolff Awesomely Bitch-Slapped by a 15-Year-Old Boy (in print)

06/23/2010 8:39 AM |

baby fight

So, lefty intellectual Tony Judt recently collaborated with his son Daniel on a NY Times op-ed piece (on Father’s Day… get it?) about, well, I don’t know, a bunch of shit: politics, generation gaps, the environment, etc. This dialogue proved way too much for Avowed Enemy of Judt, Michael Wolff, so Wolff, in his characteristically unpleasant way, accused Judt pere of fabricating the whole thing, implying that Judt fils was merely a moronic pawn in his dad’s twisted game. Well, lil Danny Judt don’t play that. Here’s his fantastic response to Idiot-Boy Mike Wolff:

Drawing attention away from [concerns about political action on global warming] with petty, unfounded assertions is, with all due respect, childish and destructive. But then again, it’s much harder to come up with a sound critique when you’re working with real facts and ideas. It seems clear who’s making things up here.

I believe in the parlance of the moment, “oh snap” would be an appropriate thing to say here.