More Awesome Coney Island Changes: Replacing the 70-Year-Old Wood Boardwalk With Concrete Slabs

06/02/2010 4:59 PM |


We here at The L Magazine internet webzine can often seem a little stubborn in our traditionalist Luddite tendencies… well, that’s just who we are. So it was with sadness and dismay that I read this story of a “nice old thing” being replaced by an “ugly new thing.” The old thing, as you may have guessed, is the wood comprising Coney Island’s Riegelmann Boardwalk, while the new thing would be concrete slabs.

The main reason for this proposed switch—as it is with all such decisions—is money. Am I getting really old, or would it be reasonable to say that this world of ours is getting objectively uglier and more unpleasant?

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