New Jay-Z Track, “Ultra,” Hits Internet, Is Not Very Good

06/03/2010 1:23 PM |


First things first: one of the worst things about hip-hop culture is that DJs, on the radio and apparently on the internet too, insist on using really silly voices to interrupt the songs they’re playing so that everyone knows exactly which DJ (or radio station) is playing it. It drives me absolutely fucking insane. Although now it’s making me laugh, as I think about hearing, like, a new Band of Horses MP3 with repeated drop-ins of “Yo, this is Amrit Singh from Stereogum, and this shit is exclusive!”

Anyway, the new Jay-Z track might be from a Diddy collaboration and reportedly features production work from Swizz Beatz. The hook is lame and the rhymes are mostly dialed in: Yes, Jay, we know you have so much money that you’re able to spend it carelessly. Meh. Give it a listen here, and get ready to forget it exists. (Also take a minute to skim through the comments on Nah Right, my favorite of which comes from Dom Izzo: “shit sounds like a jingle for a fuckin liquor commercial or some cigarettes.” And how.)

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  • That’s because it is a jingle for a liquor commercial…Ciroc Ultra.

  • The song isn’t even finished, who the hell wants to listen to that, w/e. Jay and Puff finished together is gonna be hott. I’m really looking forward to this collaboration and get him to the greek, it’ll be cool