New Museum Gets New Bike Lane

06/01/2010 3:33 PM |

New Museum Bike Lane

The Bowery’s New Museum has many unique things—a prize-winning building, a hate poster, an exhibition of the collection of its uber-wealthy trustee (closes Sunday!), a cranky old curator—and now it has one more unique feature particularly suited to its preferred patrons: a bike lane. On Friday the NuMu twitpic’d the photo at right, of a mini little turning lane being painted right outside the building on Bowery, which currently has no bike lanes, to allow cyclists a safer turn onto the Prince Street bike lane.

It’s certainly a very pointed and specific solution to a heavily trafficked and odd intersection, but wouldn’t it be nice if this turned out to be the first little bit of a Bowery bike lane stretching from the lane on Grand to the one up on East 9th? Better not get our hopes up. (Streetsblog, Cyclosity)