Northside Film Spotlight: Brooklyn Shorts and NYC Animation

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06/23/2010 3:43 PM |


We continue our previews of the films on tap for this year’s Northside Festival with a 2-for-1. On Friday night, at 8pm, Animation Block Party will present a Best of NYC Animation program; and on Sunday at 6pm, Rooftop Films will present a Brooklyn Shorts program.

Animation Block Party and Rooftop Films are two organizations with deep ties to the city’s local filmmaking community—Block Party with their annual presentations of funky local animations, and Rooftop with its sociable mixing of American indie features and local up-and-comers. You can see tons of samples of ABP shorts here, and Rooftop has details on their line-up here. I just looked at the list, and the first synopsis I saw began, “There is no place to hide for the Mystery Hair Man of Williamsburg.” So I think it’s fair to say we’re in good hands.