Northside Film Spotlight: Centurion

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06/17/2010 12:58 PM |


You’ve probably heard a lot about the Northside Festival by now, but you’ve likely heard less about the honest to goodness film festival that’s new to the Northside lineup this year, and features films presented by The L and a number of partners. Screenings are at indieScreen, the new theater on Kent Avenue, and you can waltz in with your badge in hand, or else buy tickets to individual screenings. Yesterday we previewed the L’s presentation; here’s what Film Comment magazine is showing.

Neil Marshall, the Brit genre auteur behind Dog Soliders and The Descent, writes and directs Centurion, set for an August release and presented in a sneak preview at 8pm on Sunday the 27th, to close out Northside Film. The film, set in 117 AD, stars Michael Fassbender (the, it must be said, really hot dude from Hunger and Inglourious Basterds and Fish Tank) as a Roman solider on the run from the native Picts during the Roman Empire’s unsuccessful foray to the far side of Hadrian’s Wall. It is not to be confused with Legionnaire. The preview is on the far side of the jump.