Northside Film Spotlight: Naked Basketball with James Franco

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06/24/2010 12:34 PM |


We conclude our previews of the Northside Festival’s film lineup with a look at the Berlin International Film Festival Panorama’s short and feature, to be presented at 10pm on Saturday night.

Open, the debut feature by twentysomething Minnesotan Jake Yuzna, won the Panorama’s Jury Prize; the Berlin catalog described it as “A queer road-movie-cum-transsexual romance,” and it was shot in the Twin Cities. It’ll play with a short film which won a prize for excellence in queer cinema: The Feast of Stephen, directed by soap star, performance artist, essayist, author and handsome movie star James Franco.

The film, derived from a poem by Anthony Hecht (“The coltish horseplay of the locker room…“), has gotten a great deal of attention for being, gasp, totally homoerotic. How totally homoerotic? A not particularly safe for work clip is after the jump!