Northside Spotlight: Les Savy Fav Ready New Album for September

06/04/2010 10:41 AM |


Word comes this morning, via this news item over at NME, that Brooklyn’s favorite art-rock band, Les Savy Fav, have plans to release a brand new studio album, the follow-up to 2007’s Let’s Stay Friends, in September. They’re working on it at Gigantic Studios here in New York with longtime producer Chris Zane, whose other notable production credits include The Walkmen and Passion Pit. Sounds like it’s gonna be awesome, too: Bassist Syd Butler said, “We’re not buying atmospheric gizmos to fill out space on the songs. They’re all three-and-a-half minutes long, they’re more compact and concise. This record feels a lot more ’90s — closer to our roots.”

“God,” you’re probably thinking, “I’d really like the opportunity to hear some of the new songs in a live setting, where it won’t matter that I don’t know them yet and thus can’t sing along, because frontman Tim Harrington’s famously unhinged stage presence will be more than enough to keep me entertained.” Well, hey, it’s convenient, then, that they’re playing on Sunday, June 27, at Barge Park in Greenpoint, as part of this year’s Northside Festival. Also on the bill? 90s indie-rock luminaries Polvo. Get your tickets here, or better yet, just buy a badge, which will get you into this and pretty much everything else and also make you look really cool.

After the jump, watch a clip of Les Savy Fav performing way back in 2006 at the Pool.