One More Way the BP Oil Spill is Like 9/11: Chronically Ill Cleanup Workers

06/15/2010 10:28 AM |

Oil spill cleanup workers

The BP oil spill is Obama’s 9/11; the BP oil spill will do for energy policy what 9/11 did for defense policy; the BP oil spill will make cleanup workers sick like those who helped at Ground Zero. Workers in the Gulf have reported chronic headaches and nausea, and Merle Savage, a vet of the Exxon Valdez cleanup, offers her experience of subsequent years of health problems—”cirrhosis of the liver (she doesn’t drink), rheumatoid arthritis, constant diarrhea, and respiratory problems”—as a cautionary tale.

Again, the oil company’s negligence is to blame: “Had I known the truth, I wouldn’t have gone to clean up the spill,” she says. “I am living and breathing now, but it’s not by the grace of Exxon.” A crucial difference with this oil spill, though, is that you don’t go to it, it comes to you, so get ready to clean some birds. (BoingBoing)