Public Pianos: Hammering Out the Logistics

06/15/2010 4:17 PM |


About a month ago, we told you about Luke Jerram’s upcoming “Play Me, I’m Yours,” a public art project in which 60 pianos will be placed on the streets of New York for locals to plink and/or plunk.

The ivories hit the asphalt on Monday, but today City Room highlights some of the logistical difficulties.
First of all, what if it rains? (Water causes wood damage!)

Well, each piano will have a volunteer “piano buddy” whose job it is to rush out in case of rainstorm to cover his or her upright with a plastic tarp!

Well, what if someone tries to steal a piano?

Each piano has a “cinder-block chained to the case”! (One commenter responds: “That’s like chaining a koala to an elephant to keep the elephant from being stolen.”)

Meanwhile, volunteers have painted the pianos bright colors, even changing the colors of the keys on many of them (green and blue instead of white and black, or just all black). See how New Yorkers come together to make wonderful things happen? Click for a map of piano sites.

[via Animal New York]

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