Queens Consultant Indicted for Stealing $1 Million from Bloomberg (Unlike Robin Hood, He Kept the Money)

06/14/2010 1:23 PM |


  • Why does everyone seem like a villain these days?

If only, IF ONLY, political consultant John Haggerty had taken the $1.1 he stole craftily acquired from Mayor Bloomberg and redistributed it to the needy people of Queens—then we’d have a real story on our hands. Instead, in what seems like a victimless crime (ha), Haggerty and the firm he created, Special Election Operations, appear to have dipped into a tiny percentage of the Bloomberg billions in an effort to redistribute all that filthy lucre to himself.

This development is sure to be a boon to the Carl Paladino gubernatorial campaign, for which Haggerty currently works (and is likely skimming from). Sometimes Mondays can be depressing when it’s nothing but bad guys.