So, Uh, Anyone Know if the Free Drake Show Was Any Good Last Night?

06/16/2010 8:55 AM |


Oh brother, what an unfortunate turn of events this was: Of the moment hip-hop star Drake was scheduled to play a free Paper Magazine-hosted show at the South Street Seaport last night, sharing a bill with Ninjasonik and fucking Hanson of all people. The NYPD had to shut it down, though, when the massive crowd got unruly. The Times reports that things turned sour when it word spread that Drake wouldn’t be arriving until 8:30. Fights broke out, bottles were thrown, chairs were thrown, mace was used and arrests were made.

We can chalk much of this up to poor planning, I guess—more people than the area could possibly accommodate were in attendance, with basically no system in place to keep even more people from coming in. It’s no excuse, of course, for the despicably petulant behavior of what I hope was a small group of people who ruined it for the patient, reasonable masses.

Baron was on hand, and Vegan’s also got a bunch of photos and videos.