Star Trek vs. Star Wars: The Ke$ha Edition

06/22/2010 4:27 PM |

Star Wars and Star Trek Tik Tok Parodies

The great Star Trek vs. Star Wars debate is a generation(s)-old duel between epic sci-fi franchises that often sucks other pop culture texts into its swirling cycle, like, most recently, Ke$ha‘s supremely imitable “Tik Tok” video. Now that both space cowboy narratives have birthed “Tik Tok” parodies, it’s time to figure out which one will stand the test of intergalactic travel.

The Star Trek-“Tik Tok” Mashup

The work of a true fan who, presumably, owns all the original Star Trek seasons on DVD, this supercut mashup has the added advantage of conveying quite nicely just how awesome Star Trek can be, something detractors refuse to acknowledge. Bonus points for the implications of homosocial desire between Kirk and Spock.

The Star Wars-Themed “Tik Tok” Parody

This doesn’t necessarily reflect any particular Star Wars nerd-dom per se, so much as a very thorough attempt to create a viral video. But damn if the props, costumes and editing aren’t pretty much perfect—and the minivan-as-budget Millennium Falcon is pure genius. Bonus points for judicious gender-blind casting.

Verdict: It’s… a tie! The phasers in the first are stunning, but the Force is strong with the latter. The battle to be the greatest sci-fi franchise continues!

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  • This trend of making chewed bubble gum off the street seem interesting with positioning it with classics from the past is another desperate attempt from Entertainment Inc. to raise its moronic standard a bit, while failing. Although Kisha or whatever her name isn’t, is not as insipid as Debbie Gibson but she runs a close second. Nice songs about other people who make money and the use of tik tok, its more brainless schmuck, backwashed from one of the blandest era’s in recent history. Obviously continual references such as to Star Trek or Dylan make the package at least somewhat interesting. Pathetic. You can tell the majority of the people in the media whom you would think have ivy league degree’s and media studies resumes, actually don’t.- instead its a bunch of puppets. American culture is garbage and recycled attempts. There’s nothing punk about this sincerely void of a lyricist wanna be who can jabber about genre’s in public to seem cool. She comes from a breed of persona’s doing the similar.
    “America’s Got Talent” lol