Take Your Dog to Work Day is Easy When You’re Working From Home

06/25/2010 2:11 PM |

Yup, I hope all of you with dogs made a point of taking them to your workplace today, as one should on Take Your Dog to Work Day. Come on, people, that’s the only way we’re going to change the dog-suspicious culture of contemporary America (seriously, can we please get like France and allow dogs to chill in restaurants with us?). Anyway, I have all three of my dogs with me write here in my “office” at the back of my apartment. It’s rad. One of them is laid out on my feet. I’m feeding the other one cheese, and the third is doing some factchecking.

FIGHT THE POWER. (Click through to see a picture of me working with my dog Faolain.)


  • Hard at work plagiarizing the New Yorker.