The First Literary Journal on the iPad is…

06/10/2010 12:23 PM |

reading robot

  • “And the years shall run like 8-bits…”

Ok, so it’s not really a big surprise that the smart young men at Electric Literature have come out with the first wholly integrated iPad version of their already forward-thinking literary journal. From their animated “sentence trailers” to their collaboration with Rick Moody on a Twitter story, Andy Hunter and gang are ahead of the curve on figuring out how short fiction is going to live in the 21st century (and yes, I have a vested interest in the survival of said art form… Andy, babe, call me).

So, the iPad version of Electric Literature will obviously have all the stories, but will also feature readings from the writers, interactive graphics, an audiobook thingamwhatsit and, of course, those amazing animations based on EL sentences. Sure, I don’t have an iPad yet, and I continue to fetishize the book as object, but golly I sure hope this works…

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