The Paris Review Has a Blog All of a Sudden

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06/01/2010 4:00 PM |


Just like the New York Review of Books, the Paris Review now has a blog, which new editor Lorin Stein inaugurates today with a mission-statement post. Yes, yes, reaching readers at the pace and in the chosen medium of this digital age, and all that.

This embrace of new media is of course a welcome and expected move from outlets that have always been models of engagement. It’s just that nobody wants to read long-form writing on the internet, any more than they want to read long-form writing in print? Let us know when the Paris Review starts “curating” a Tumblr. (Actually, given that in the course of their Art of Fiction—and poetry, and now memoir and nonfiction—interviews, they’ve built up decades of files on the personal photographs, pithy quotations and manuscript pages of the literary and famous, that might actually go really well.)