The USA World Cup Game vs. Northside: A Solution to Make Everyone Happy

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06/25/2010 1:40 PM |

Hipster music and USA World Cup Soccer, togetha 4eva.

  • Hipster music and USA World Cup Soccer, togetha 4eva.

Honestly, we planned Northside for this weekend because we thought the USA would be out of the World Cup at the group stages, a guess that was one last-minute Landon Donovan goal from proving accurate. Now, though, the USA plays Ghana at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. So you’re faced with a dilemma: you have your Northside badge and want to take full advantage of all the events, to wander around a closed-to-cars Bedford Ave and have drinks—but you also want to watch the World Cup.

Well. Reading off the inside cover of the Northside brochure, I notice a few drink specials for badge holders at popular neighborhood watering holes that don’t have bands playing but sensibly got in on the Northside action: a dollar off all drinks at Iona, half-price beer and 2-for-1 well drinks at Teddy’s, and a dollar off all drafts at Nita Nita. By coincidence, these are three of the very best places in Williamsburg to watch the World Cup. So if you’re going to watch the game, bring your badge, and if you’re going to wander around Williamsburg with your badge tomorrow, maybe dip in someplace to check out the game.

(Your other option, of course, is watch Saturday afternoon’s Bands You Need to Hear showcase on the stage side of Spike Hill, and jump across to the pub side whenever the soccer crowd there gets excited enough to drown out the music.)