Tonight (And Like a Million Times at Northside): Shark?

06/21/2010 10:57 AM |

Look: You’ve got a long week ahead of you. Northside starts on Thursday and goes straight through the weekend. So you’re gonna be drunk, you’re gonna spend an ungodly amount of time in dark music venues (or outside at the Barge Park shows baking in what we hope will be blaring sun rather than whatever the fuck that kind of sweaty, muggy, cloudy mess was that took over the city yesterday), and you’re just not going to get nearly as much sleep as you should. So ordinarily, I would tell you to take it easy for the first half of the week—to catch up on Friday Night Lights or True Blood or So You Think You Can Dance some other really cool show, but hey, it’s your life, not mine. If you insist on hitting the town tonight, then fine, allow me to point you toward Cameo Gallery for 8 Bands You Need to Hear honorable mention Shark?, who, yes, have a question mark as part of their name, which is really frustrating for about a million reasons, but who are also making some of the most exciting, noisy and strangely, subtly elegant music currently coming form the borough. Should you choose to take my advice, though, fear not: You’ll have, count ’em, five chances to see ’em at Northside. Check their MySpace page for the details.