Too Weird Not To Post: Non-Stick Frying Pan Company Creates Giant Non-Stick Frying Pan-Shaped Skate Ramp

06/24/2010 9:57 AM |

Well, it’s certainly no Maloof Money Cup, but here’s a video of inline skaters in shrimp, fish, eggs, carrots and pork costumes rolling around inside a giant non-stick frying pan installation at various malls in Shanghai. According to the voice-over this was a very effective publicity stunt, although between its implications of cannibalism, and the inherent hygiene problems of dirty skates in your pans, I find that a little difficult to believe. I guess kids really went for the costumes; and, you know, “the quickest way to daddy’s wallet is through junior’s imagination,” or something. (DesignYouTrust)

One Comment

  • Oh, I so totally want to skate that thing. Just as long as it isn’t coated in oil or PAM, but then I guess that’s what the non-stick part of the pan is for.