Ugh: Canada Getting Its Very Own Fox News

06/16/2010 2:09 PM |

Pareene over at Salon (man that sounds weird), brings word of a very terrible thing: my beloved country of Canada (which I love so much I left a decade ago), is getting its very own, homegrown Fox News-style channel. Brought to you by the morons behind Sun Media—who’ve long published Canada’s version of the NY Post, the Toronto Sun*—Sun News TV will cover my humble nation as if it were America… you know, all jingoistic and shit, with tag lines like this: “We’re the true north strong and free and the greatest place on earth.” Just watch the sad, stupid, fuck-you-and-go-to-hell-with-your-crypto-fascist-horse-shit promo video:

*The Sun also owes a lot to the British tabloids, particularly the saucy, erstwhile Page Two girls, who helped me learn how to masturbate as a boy.