Watch 3 New Lil Wayne Videos Released Over the Weekend

06/01/2010 8:58 AM |

Back on Friday we got the first of four Lil Wayne videos to be released on MTV during their “Lil Tunechi Weekend,” and here are the remaining three. They’re all lame Rebirth tracks, beginning with “Get A Life,” which borrows pretty conspicuously from Andre 3000’s “Roses,” seems to have been shot at the same time as “Da Da Da,” and is by far the worst of the jailed MC’s new vids. The rest are after the jump.

“Runnin” is much, much better (but still bad), a gloomy, semi-conscious rap rant that’s punctuated by a very annoying chorus sung by Shannell, who, as you’ll see, has some very impressive and distracting piercings. Despite all the dark seriousness and poorly integrated media imagery, Weezy says typically funny things like: “This is my testification/Imma rain on they heads like precipitation.”

By far the least bad of the lot is a duet with Nicki Minaj, “Knockout,” with its Pop palette, overemphasized boxing metaphors and locker room sex (simulated!). Still, it’s no “A Milli,” not even a “Lollipop,” really.