Weezer Release Unofficial Theme Song for U.S. World Cup Team

06/11/2010 11:03 AM |


It almost seems pointless to hold Weezer to the same standards we hold other bands—they’ve clearly been playing by a different rule book than everyone else for pretty much an entire decade now, doing all sorts of things that everyone who liked them early on immediately identify as unquestionably lame. Well, they’re at it again, with “Represent,” an honest-to-goodness Jock Jam intended to be the unofficial theme song for the U.S. World Cup soccer team. As far as inspirational rallying cries for sports teams, I suppose it’s got it all: assurance that it does matter if you win or lose, musing about the importance of being able to withstand pain, some bullshit about representing your family, an endorsement of fair play, and a really hilarious melodramatic slowed-down part about how we’re gonna look back on this in 100 years and blah blah blah even though we definitely will not look back on this in 100 year because, let’s not forget, America still hates soccer. Also, I’m gonna put it out there right now: There’s no way it’s an accident that this song sounds so much like the hook from Rick Derringer’s classic “I Am a Real American,” right? The song (Weezer’s, not Derringer’s), is available for free on iTunes right now, but you can also just listen on YouTube. No need to clog up your iTunes library with this, obviously.

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