Will.i.am, Crime-Fighting Super Agent, Uses His iPad to Recover Stolen Property!

06/30/2010 4:31 PM |


No matter how you feel about his skills as an MC (weak) and a producer (dope), Black Eyed Peas posterboy and beatsmith Will.i.am is a tech-savvy fellow. How much so? Well, last week poor lil’ Will had his Bentley broken into in normally crime-free Hollywood Hills, and the thieves made off with over $10,000 worth of “stuff.” So what did Will.i.am do, aside from hopefully learning not to leave stuff amounting to ten grand on his back seat while he’s out riding his robot space elephant?

He went all Ethan Hunt on them thieves, used the tracking device in the brand new iPad they stole to figure out where the loot was being kept, called the cops, and has already gotten nearly all his goods back. LAPD is reportedly on the thief’s heels, expecting to make an arrest soon, but, spoiler alert, it was totally fellow Pea apl.de.ap. (HipHopWired, TMZ)