Your Tax Dollars at Work: City Study Finds Subway Rats Are Difficult to Eradicate

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06/16/2010 11:56 AM |


A two-year MTA and Department of Health study, just concluded, has revealed that rats are attracted to food scraps and garbage in subway stations, and are difficult to kill with even the most persistent and up-to-date traps and poisons, the Times reports, while also punching up a fairly boilerplate local news item with a great bit of old-New-York color. To pad out space with an expert quote, reporter Michael M. Grynbaum sensibly called up the crustiest old civil servant he could find; 86-year-old former Pest Control official Solomon Peeples had this to say on the problem of subway rats:

They jump two feet from a running start; they can fall 40 feet onto a concrete slab and keep running. We’re no match for them, as far as I’m concerned. Man does not stand no chance.

No mention, strangely, of King Rat.