Your Weekend Doing Artsy Things Outdoors in Bushwick, Brooklyn Heights and Red Hook

06/04/2010 3:28 PM |

Red Hook Fest, Atlantic Avenue Artwalk, Bushwick Open Studios

This may be Brooklyn’s most culturally saturated weekend of the summer, and it’s not even summer yet! Today and tomorrow you’ve got the Red Hook Fest down there in subway-less Ikea Land, tomorrow and Sunday Atlantic Avenue between Hicks Street and Fourth Avenue will be one long artsy party for the Atlantic Avenue ArtWalk, and out in Bushwick, the most important contemporary art even in the city, Bushwick Open Studios, started today and continues through Sunday. Which one deserves your time? Well, all of them, here’s why.

Red Hook Fest: The emphasis here is on free performances (although the nearby Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition‘s current exhibition nearby will be open), with new works by dance companies like Decadancetheatre and Cora Dance, as well as free kayaking (!) and outdoor concerts. Tonight from 6-9pm the action is in Coffey Park, and tomorrow all day on the waterfront at Louis J. Valentino, Jr. Park & Pier.

Atlantic Avenue Artwalk: The part of Atlantic Avenue that isn’t about to be turned into a city-sponsored sports amusement park for the rich is home to a whole bunch of artist studios on the BoCoCa-Brooklyn Heights-Downtown border, and a small but generally top-tier set of art galleries, all of whom will open their doors/lofts/vaults to the public from 1-6pm Saturday and Sunday. You can also help out with a new rooftop painting, go gallery- and pub-crawling, and check out a brand new beer garden, among many other related activities.

Bushwick Open Studios: I kept this for last because I kinda think it’s the best, but then I’m biased. All over Bushwick, the breeding ground for your next generation of important New York artists, galleries, studios, and any space whatever will be used to display, create and perform art of every sort, stripe and scale, starting this afternoon and continuing through Sunday evening. See artists in their natural environment (studios), then chat them up at their second home (the local bar, which will invariably be having some sort of BOS-related party). With over 300 participants listed and all sorts of panels, performances, parties and other special events, you could really spent all weekend at it.