A “Cooking Co-Op” Sounds Like a Great Idea

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07/27/2010 1:19 PM |

Red pepper risotto. Serves 6, or 2 for 3 days.

  • Red pepper risotto. Serves 6, or 2 for 3 days.

[File under: The new urban communalism.]

So, you don’t buy as much regionally grown fresh produce as you like, even though you love it in principle, because your busy schedule means you’re only home to cook a real dinner a couple of nights a week, and then when you are home there’s nothing in the house so it takes forever to go shopping, prep, etc., so you just order in. Plus it’s just you and maybe your roommate, so when you do cook, you end up doing one nice meal a week and then eating the leftovers for days. So: Good would like to introduce you to the concept of a cooking co-op, in which a few local households split the dinner duties for a week.

This seems like a promising way for smaller families to save time, save money, save money, and save resources, without eating the same soup for three days. Assuming, of course, you can find a few like-minded good cooks in your own neighborhood—should be a piece of seed cake, right? Good talks to Alex Davis, co-author of Dinner at Your Door: Tips and Recipes for Starting a Neighborhood Cooking Co-op, about how to avoid botulism and other unpleasantness.