A Modest Mouse Moment for All of Us Not at Pitchfork Festival

07/16/2010 5:16 PM |

First, a heads-up that you can watch a live stream of some of the bands playing the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago this weekend right here for free, including Pavement, Big Boi, Girls, LCD Soundsystem, Panda Bear, Wolf Parade, Titus Andronicus (what’s up Northside?), Real Estate, Liars (again, requisite Northside plug), Modest Mouse and a ton more. My hands started to get shaky while typing “LCD Soundsystem, Panda Bear and Wolf Parade” all in a row like that.

Secondly, a video of tonight’s headliners, as a coping mechanism for those of us not in Chicago. Also, as a means of getting stoked for their show at the Williamsburg Waterfront next Friday. Also, as a reminder of how painful and pure the line, “Everything that keeps me together is falling apart/I’ve got this thing that I consider my only art of fucking people over” can sound.

One Comment

  • No Pavement stream = 0.0. Pitchfork didn’t even have the common courtesy to post the news on their website or take the band off their list. Pretty shitty move, considering I rushed home early just to catch this, as I’m sure many other people did as well.