Batman Villain to Move to Brooklyn

07/21/2010 4:48 PM |

Harvey Dent cant decide whether he wants to own or rent

  • Harvey Dent can’t decide whether he wants to own or rent

Perhaps the most expensive condominium ever on the market in Brooklyn has been taken off of that market as the developer and a prospective buyer negotiate, The Real Deal reports. The One Main Street triplex in DUMBO’s Clocktower building “boasts unobstructed views of the New York Harbor and the Brooklyn Bridge through four, 14-foot glass-faced clocks“. (Emphasis mine.) So, who’s interested in living there? A VP at Two Trees Management “declin[ed] to reveal any identifying information”. Because, obviously, it’s a supervillain who doesn’t want Batman to know the location of his hideout, financed by hold-up money. For Pete’s sake, Batman, look at that picture! Who else would be interested in living there? Oh, uh, besides Jay-Z. [DumboNYC]