Brits Out-Stupid Americans in Denying Iroquois Lacrosse Players Right to Compete in the Game They Invented. Everyone Ashamed.

07/15/2010 9:23 AM |


  • “Someday the English will be so afraid to play us they’ll deny us visas!”

Fuck this.

An Iroquois Nation lacrosse team was told Sunday, by US officials at JFK, that their native passports weren’t good enough to clear them for travel to the world championships in England (because that’s a trip that always works out well for indigenous Americans), a preposterous and galling decision that shames us all.

Thankfully, an appeal to the less moronic decision-makers at the State Department (apparently even Hills herself took an interest) led to an 11th-hour dispensation yesterday allowing the team to catch the last possible flight that would’ve allowed them to make their opening game against England… Except the British then refused the team travel visas, despite an appeal from the US State Department.

One of the best teams in the world, inventors of the game, ancestors dispossessed of land and freedom, denied the right to move from one place to another because of paperwork. Fucking shameful.

(I honestly don’t know if anything can be done, but please just send this around and email your congressperson or moon a British official or something. Ugh. My fellow Canadian and friend-to-indigenous-peoples-everywhere James Cameron donated $50,000 to cover unforeseen hotel costs in NYC. So he’s a jackass with a good heart.)

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