Brooklyn GOP Demands Up or Down Vote on Healthcare!

07/21/2010 12:10 PM |

Im Michael Allegretti, and Im Desperate for Gimmicks

  • “I’m Michael Allegretti, and I’m Desperate for Gimmicks”

We’re not big fans around here of DINO Mike McMahon, the congressman who represents Staten Island and a sliver of Brooklyn. But one of his GOP challengers, Mike Allegretti, is seriously some kind of moron.

Don’t believe us? Just watch this kinda-sad campaign video after the jump.

In front of essentially no crowd, Allegretti criticizes Rep. McMahon: not for supporting Obama’s healthcare bill—which the first-term Democrat voted against, as Allegretti acknowledges—but for not showing enough leadership in demanding that the congressional leadership of his own party allow an up-or-down vote to repeal healthcare.

On its face that’s a pretty idiotic criticism, which proves McMahon-the-self-preservationist was right in tacking to the right so his challengers can’t convincingly paint him as some kind of “Democrat”. But the very idea of demanding an up-or-down vote on repealing the healthcare bill from THE VERY SAME CONGRESS that just had an up-or-down vote a few months ago to PASS THE FUCKING THING sounds like the STUPIDEST FUCKING THING THE GOP COULD DO. Or am I missing something? Are they trying to get the Democrats caught in some kind of Groundhog Day time loop in which they can never do anything but fight about healthcare? [Atlas Shrugged in Brooklyn]

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  • Allegretti has been hitting the GOP clubs and senior centers here in Staten Island railing against gay rights, gay marriage and gays in the military, while in reality, he doesn’t even live on Staten Island. His current address is 555 W 23rd Street in Chelsea, and his former address is 110 Horation Street in the Village.

    A straight-conservative Republican oil heir from Brooklyn who chooses to live on Horatio Street of all places, right along the route of the Pride parade? I don’t think so. Someone needs to out this phony bitch now!