Brooklyn Landlord Destroys Artwork

07/27/2010 5:38 PM |


The street-painting at right, in what appears to be tar, has been destroyed. Previously, it occupied the sidewalk on N. 11th St. between Berry and Wythe, in front of the Brooklyn Brewery’s warehouse. Many of these paintings, each a portrait of a different person, appear throughout the streets of Williamsburg.

The Brewery rents, and does not own, the warehouse; the landlord tore the sidewalk up on Friday. It was repaved yesterday. A source at the brewery tells us:

Had I known ahead of time that they were going to destroy it, I would have tried to do something to save it. I cross the street between the brewery and the warehouse a dozen times a day. I’ve seen countless people stop to take a quick snapshot [of the artwork]. It’s pretty sad that its gone.

Of course, we know the city cares not for its history, especially where sidewalk renovations are concerned.