Brooklyn Tea Party Urges Use of Eminent Domain

07/28/2010 12:24 PM |

The ugly faces of racism
  • The ugly faces of racism

Being on the right can tie you in a knot: recently, State Senator Marty Golden was so torn by a gun-control bill supported by police officers but opposed by the gun lobby that he skipped the vote entirely.

Similarly, if you thought the wingnuts of the Tea Party would at least uphold core principles like small government, well: what about when they’re trying to stop a bunch of Muslims from building a mosque?

The President of the Brooklyn Tea Party, “John K. Press, Ph.D.,” sent an open letter, to Assemblywoman Helene Weinstein regarding the proposed mosque in Sheepshead Bay that has sent locals into a tizzy. In it, he suggests a few tactics she might pursue in order to slow or stop construction of the house of worship—including eminent domain, scourge of true American conservatives since 1791.

Perhaps you can publicize that you need to know about the foreign funding, so that we can make sure the developers are complying with the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Perhaps you can stall by looking into Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino’s suggestion to stop the Ground Zero mega-mosque via eminent domain. You could attempt to get our Community Board to express your community’s concerns to the BSA.

In short, the Tea Party wants the government to intervene in any way it can! So, if the Tea Party isn’t concerned about big government—which needs high taxes to oil its gears, of course—then what is the Brooklyn Tea Party’s core principle? A rabid and paranoid hatred of The Other? Oh boy, what a party! I can imagine Helene Weinstein will be bending over backwards to associate herself with these lovely people, pictured above.