Brooklyn’s First Pole Dancing Studio Is In Bay Ridge

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07/20/2010 12:55 PM |

The owner of the Exotic Curves Pole Fitness Studio, mid-workout.

  • The owner of the Exotic Curves Pole Fitness Studio, mid-workout.

Strippercise—a great way to get fit while embodying regressive and objectifying gender norms in a way that you claim is “empowering” although you actually mean “promising the attention and approval without which my propped-up self-image would collapse”—is come, at last, to Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Paper welcomes us to Exotic Curves Pole Fitness Studio, on Fifth Avenue and 90th Street, which is now set to replace The L’s Henry Stewart as The Pride of Bay Ridge.

There, local women will don stiletto heels and other appropriate workout attire, as professional instructors lead them through aerobic exercises based around pole-dancing routines, in the new Exotic Curves fitnees-studio space, a converted retail storefront featuring ten steel poles and walls painted a deep, pinkish-purplish red, like the inside of a vagina.

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  • its a great place for lesbians to meet up and workout!

  • it’s a great place for lesbians to meet up and enjoy a great workout!

  • The many lesbian readers of this lesbian magazine thank you for your advice on fitness and dating, O Lord Most High.

  • Wow! What a fitness club. There are Lesbians and gays everywhere. I’m a 70 something young and straight woman and I felt like a young chick after a 10 minute free demo with the trainer owner. I rather do the zoomba and signed up for it.

  • There are Lesbians and gays in every fitness club. The owner and her staff did not strike me as homophobic during the grand-opening party. Why would a great workout be hindered by one’ sexual preferences? I wasn’t at all turned off by men on climbing on the pole during the grand-opening. It’s a fun place for all!!!!

  • The L[esbian] Magazine would like its lesbian readership to know that even if this lesbian fitness club is really lesbian friendly, the surrounding neighborhood has its fair share of bigoted seniors, their meatheaded children, and the children’s friends from Staten Island.

  • This is a great concept if the actual owners/instructors were actually talented, trained properly and knew how to teach. As a certified dancer, instructor and certified fitness trainer these girls have no idea what they are doing and someone can get seriously hurt. I have taken many classes in the City and this studio does not even close. They have basic training backgrounds and